Thursday, 31 January 2013

Learn to Cross Country Ski
The next great event planned for the Yorkton Cross Country Ski Club is one for everyone to help promote and also participate in!
We are hosting a great event with support from Sunshine and Ski of Regina
They will be out at Yorkton's Deer Park Golf Course ski trails on Sunday, February 10th from 12:00pm until 4:00pm. As usual refreshments will be available.
Below are the details that will be promoted throughout our community by all the media outlets and we are looking for your help to promote the event to all your friends and family who have always wanted to give the sport a try.
This is a perfect opportunity to get the use of quality ski equipment free of charge to use for the day.
As you can see by the attached press release from Susan there will be skis, poles, boot provided free of charge. Also included is some free and hopefully very helpful introductory ski lessons. Also there will be a free waxing clinic for everyone. Even those who use waxless skis can learn how to make the most of their equipment by properly maintaining their skis!!
So here is the attached press release that our great events coordinator has sent to all the local media outlets but we do need everyone's help to push, pull and drag some of your reluctant friends along. Once they get to know us and the sport then we will have to groom more trails to accomodate the large crowds of people out at Deer Park! Wouldn't that be great.
Please help out with the promotion of this event to all of your friends and family!!!
Press Release sent today!
Learn to Cross Country Ski with the Yorkton Cross Country Ski Club at Deer Park Golf Course, Sunday Feb. 10th from noon to 4pm.  Skis, poles, boots and snowshoes provided FREE OF CHARGE by Sunshine & Ski of Regina.  Free Ski Instruction.  Free Waxing Clinic @2:30pm.  Free refreshments in the warm clubhouse.  Washrooms available.  Everyone welcome to come out and try Nordic Skiing on our beautifully groomed trails.  Sponsored by Sunshine & Ski Ltd, 4403 Albert St., Regina (306-584-2255) Contact Peter Malowany.
Susan Hurst
Club Event Planner

Monday, 28 January 2013

Next on the Ski Club wish list!

The club was very successful in fundraising last year and this enabled us to purchase a tremendous new snowmobile to pull our grooming equipment. Our current grooming equipment consists of a rusty old bed frame and home built track setter! Now is the time for an upgrade to help the club keep growing!

Pic of the Yamaha workhorse purchased last season. Through lots of hardwork and effort the club was able to raise over $11,000 for this machine! It is designed to pull heavy loads through lots of deep snow and is ready for the next thing on the club wish list!

Now we are actively trying to raise enough funds for the next piece of equipment on our wishlist!!

A Tidd Tech G2 groomer

The equipment is worth about $7000 and the club is busy fundraising again to ensure that we have top quality trail grooming at Deer Park. When we purchase this equipment we can expand our trails to include a bit more distance on the main trail to about 5km.

Also very importantly we will be able to groom for skate skiing as well. The future success of the club depends on us being able to attract new (and Younger!) skiers to the sport. With the upcoming 2014 Olympics the sport will receive a higher profile on TV than currently and skate skiing is one of the most exciting competitions.

Attached is a link to the Tidd Tech site for you to wander about in and see all the options available.

A link to a "long 13 minutes" You Tube Video is also attached for you to see how the machine operates.

Finally here is a link to a story about the Regina Ski Club and their efforts to raise funds for a new snowmobile and G2 Tidd Tech grooming that was recently in the LeaderPost.

The Good Spirit Club was able to purchase this equipment several years ago and they now enjoy excellent trail grooming and ski conditions are great out there!

The future of the Yorkton Cross Country Ski club is looking very positive with lots of new members and great participation at our events. With the ability to provide world class trails and grooming then we can continue to grow and most importantly attract new and younger skiers to the sport we all love.

If you are interest in helping out with our fundraising initiative please contact Anne Stupak or Barry Rogers

Thanks and happy skiing!

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Wow! What another great day on the ski trails at Deer Park today. The "Ski Around the World" was another good event organized by Susan.

There were over 25 skiers out enjoying the perfect weather and snow conditions.  With a little bit of new snow on the freshly groomed trails the day was almost perfect. Just missing a little bit of sunshine and it would have been heaven in the snow!

The club events continue to get great support and lots of new faces are joining us all the time.

Lots of thanks to some great sponsors who have contributed to our fundraising drive to purchase some new snow grooming equipment. We are purchasing new Tidd Tech snow grooming and track setting gear as soon as we can. Hopefully this year but if not then it will be here for next season.

The equipment will cost the club around $7000.00 and we have already raised about Half of that amount to date.

We have received support for our events and grooming equipment from some great local sponsors so far including Harvest Meats, Yorkton Memorial Gardens, Marlin Travel and Lucianna Litwin RMT.

We will post a blog later with links and information to their fine businesses to thank them for the support.

Our goal of raising the money required is well within our reach but if you know of any local business who might be able to help out the club please contact Anne Stupak and she will forward them a letter.

See you on the trails!

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Thanks very much for Brian Kruger and Barry Rogers for getting out today to groom the trails. And thank goodness it warmed up a bit.

Don't forget about the ski club event Sunday at 2:00pm.  Ski Around the World with the club and have some fun filling in the map of the world.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Here is hoping that we get a change in weather very soon! We will not be out to re-groom until the temperatures are above -20C and windchills -29C. This is the same guideline that Sask Ski uses to ensure participants safety!

While all we can do now is hope for better weather at our ski event on Sunday, Jan 27th. Please see Susan's previous post regarding the ski around the world!

Here is some of what we are missing - all those great benefits that come from our participating in the wonderful activity of Nordic Skiing! There have been lots of articles out lately about one of the reasons we all ski! Check out the link below

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Ski around the World with the Yorkton Cross Country Ski Club at Deer Park Golf Course on Sunday, Jan 27th from 2-4pm. 
Participants will ski along our beautifully groomed trails picking up miniature international flags at 6 different locations.  Upon return to the clubhouse, you will locate the countries on the world map and pin your flags.
There is no entry fee.
Free ski instruction @1:45 (equipment required)
Free refreshments.
Everyone welcome.  So, come out and try Nordic skiing!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Hello All Yorkton Skiers! Hope you are having a great January and enjoying all the fresh snow we are getting.  Another great event is just around the corner to help celebrate World Snow Day.

On Sunday January 27th the club will be hosting another great day of family fun and adventure. We will be trying to ski around the world to try and see how many flags we can collect. We will all gather back a the clubhouse and place them all on the map and see how many countries we can cover.

Here is a link to some other World Snow Day events  - but.... we will be celebrating a week after the official event takes place (On Yorkton time!)

So please plan on attending the next ski club event planned for Jan 27th. Susan will be sending out more detail in the near future. 

Keep those tips up and pointed forward to help enjoy all that our great city and area has to offer and plan on celebrating World Snow Day and ski around the world with us on Jan. 27th.

Check out this great World Snow Day event planned for Fort Smith, North West Territories! Great name and looks like lots of fun at the Muffaloose Stomp and Glide - a snowshoe and ski event!
Check this link - looks like the same type of event we want to run when we can get our "real" snowgrooming equipment!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Ski with the Mayor and also a great day for a Poker Derby!

First Post

Great Trails waiting for you at Deer Park

Working on the first post to see if we have the skills!